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Herring – A Global History

Though tiny, the herring has played an enormous role in history. Battles have been waged over it. International economic alliances have formed over it. Major cities owe their prosperity to it. Political powers have risen and fallen with herring’s own rise and fall in population. How can this all be attributed to this unassuming little animal? In Herring: A Global History, Kathy Hunt looks at the environmental, historical, political, and culinary background of this prolific and easily caught fish. Over the centuries, herring have sustained populations in times of war and hardship, and the fish’s rich flavor, delicate texture, and nutritious meat have made it a culinary favorite. Its ease of preparation—just grill, broil, fry, pickle, salt, or smoke and serve—have won it further acclaim. Engaging and informative, the book features fifteen mouth-watering recipes. It will appeal to food lovers, history buffs, and anyone who has ever enjoyed a British kipper, German Bismarck, Dutch matjes, or Jewish chopped-herring. Buy on Amazon Series: Edible Hardcover: 208 pages Publisher: Reaktion Books (October 15, 2017) Language: English ISBN-10: 1780238312 ISBN-13: 978-1780238319

Launching Fish Market

If you follow Kitchen Kat at all, you probably are aware that my first cookbook, Fish Market, was recently published by Running Press. What you may not know is that this Friday, May 31st, at 7 PM I’ll be holding the official Fish Market launch party at the Towne Book Center in Collegeville, Pa. A spacious, well-stocked, independent bookstore, the Towne is conveniently located near our work-in-progress farmhouse. If you’re going to have an old house in the country, let it be near a good, indie bookstore! Friday evening’s events include a sampling of dishes from Fish Market, libations, a brief talk about seafood, Q&A session and book signing as well as a host of cool, seafood-related tunes from the Fish Market playlist. The party is open to the public so, if you find yourself in suburban Philadelphia on Friday May 31st, please stop by the Towne Book Center in Collegeville and get hooked on Fish Market! If you don’t reside in the Philly area but are interested in attending a future Fish Market event, …